Club MMM Day Spa

About Us

Mmm…. it was an expression that we heard so often, it inspired our name.

Club MMM! is Canberra’s freshest Day Spa and irrespective of whether you’re visiting us for just thirty minutes or a lot longer, we promise you a truly rewarding experience.

But words are easy, so we are more than happy for you to put us to the test because we know from all our repeat customers and the friends they send to us, that we must be doing something right.

Club Lime or Club Pink Member?

If you are a Club Lime or Club Pink member the story gets even better, because we are all part of The Club Group, and you’ll enjoy additional discounts off our regular pricing.

We look forward to seeing soon at Club MMM! Day Spa, always with a touch of Oooh and Ahhh!

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Club MMM! Day Spa
100 Eastern Valley Way,

Belconnen ACT 2617